Acne is a prevalent skin condition that affects many individuals. It is an inflammatory skin disorder that occurs when hair, sebum, bacteria, or dead skin cells block the skin’s pores.
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Effectively treating acne

Dermafrica offers various effective solutions to address acne, tailored to its type and severity. Our approach is safe and results-driven, backed by tried and tested leading products and methods.

Acne solutions

acnelan® by mesoestetic

Acnelan® is a specialised and intensive treatment for individuals with acne-prone and seborrheic skin. Acnelan, created by mesoestetic, provides a comprehensive approach that targets all the factors that cause acne. It combines intense clinical treatments with a specific home maintenance plan to achieve the most optimum result for your skin.

mesopeel® azelan by mesoestetic

A chemical peel by mesoestetic with antifungal and comedolytic properties. Indicated especially for treating the different stages of acne.

20% azelaic acid + 20% salicylic acid

Skincare targeting acne by mesoestetic

mesoestetic® has a full range of solutions to treat oily acne-prone skins. Products developed together with specialist dermatologists and formulated with last-generation oil-regulating, exfoliating, keratolytic and antimicrobial active ingredients.

Plexr Plasma Technology

Plexr is an innovative treatment that can improve the appearance of acne scars and also treat active acne.

Looking for effective acne solutions for your patients?

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Acnelan B Acnelan A
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